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History of the Lodge of Connaught & Truth No. 521

Chapter XII
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Crimean War — South African War — Great War 1914-1918 — World War
1939-1945 Preservation of Records — Decomposition of Original Warrant —
Warrant of Confirmation.
THROUGHOUT 100 ye ars of existence, the Lodge has had a number of
special events occasioned by the fact that the Country has been at War;
there have been also the consequential Peace Rejoicings and
Thanksgivings after the cessation of hostilities.
The first of these was in 1856, to which reference has already been
made in Chapter V. On the 29th May in that year the Members of the three
Lodges in the Town joined in a public procession, on the occasion of the
celebration of peace after the Crimean War, Dispensation having been granted
for the Brethren of those Lodges, and all other Brethren who may join them,
to appear in Masonic Clothing and Costume and to walk in Masonic Order
and Procession.
We imagine how the Brethren would heartily endorse the words
with which the Deputy Provincial Grand Master concluded his
"May Goodwill abound, peace reign triumphant and Brotherly Love
and that is a wish and a praye r at the time of writing this History, at the
close of the diastrous and terrible World War of 1939-1945.
At the 1856 Celebration the mustering and marshalling of the
Procession took place in Fitzwilliam Street, and at the termination of the
Procession the Brethren adjourned to the Lodge of Harmony premises in
South Parade to "a cold collation."
This Celebration was carried out at a total cost of 12 12s., if it is
correctly assumed that the cost was borne as to one-third by each Lodge.
The Minutes contain little or no information touching on the South
African War, 1899-1902, as affecting the Lodge; but there is a reference
in 1900 to subscriptions in response to an Appeal by Provincial Grand Lodge
for The South African War Masonic Relief Fund.
And in 1908 the Brethren of the Lodge, along with Brethren of
other Lodges in the Town, attended a Special Service at the Parish Church on
26th April, 1908, for the benefit of The Veterans' Association, For this
function the Brethren assembled at South Parade for the Procession to the
Church. Regalia was not worn.
Then came the First World War of 1914-1918. During this period
there are frequent references in the Minutes of splendid work
done by the Brethren of the Lodge in supporting Funds for the Sick and
Wounded Soldiers at the Hospitals in the Town, and entertaining them at the
Lodge Premises, e.g., a Balance Sheet presented 3rd March, 1916, showed the
cost of dinners and entertainments provided for 51 wounded soldiers on 12th
January, 1916, and 80 on 28th January, 1916; and there were many similar
functions in the following months of 1916; and during the succeeding war
During this War of 1914-1918 the Brethren of the Lodge contributed,
among other things, to a Fund for the relief of Belgian Refugees: in fact, they
had a box which they handed round at the Instruction Classes. In December,
1914, there was a resolution at the Instruction Class that the lettering on the box he
altered from "Belgian Relief Fund" to "War Relief Fund." That box has been
in continuous use since 1914-1918, and still bears the lettering, somewhat
faded; in fact, one of the Brethren told the Author that, when he was a
Junior Brother, he put his pennies in as the box came round, and thought the
letters were BAR Relief Fund, and wondered whatever it could mean !
Actually, it is much different from that, as the proceeds of each week's
collection are put to the Lodge's own Charitable Fund, for the relief of their own
Brethren, when deserving cases arise.
In 1918 an Emergency Lodge was held in order to Initiate a candidate
during his limited number of days' leave before returning to "the firing line."
Another such Emergency Lodge was held on 8th November, 1918—just
three days before the Armistice—to ballot for and Initiate an Officer candidate
then home on leave and due to return to France on 23rd November, 1918.
T h e n c a m e t h e w e l c o m e n e w s o f t h e A r m i s t i c e , a n d there is
an appropriate Minute of "humble and deep thankfulness to the Great
Architect of the Universe for the Great Victory which He has
vouchsafed to us," followed later by a Resolution on 4th July, 1919,
when the Worshipful Master expressed the gratitude of the Lodge for the
signing of the Treaty of Peace between this Nation and Germany.
In the year 1918 an application to Provincial Grand Lodge to Initiate a
minor was refused, and the correspondence disclosed the fact that there had
only been two instances of such a Dispensation in the past 30 years.
At the end of hostilities in 1918, after the Armistice on 11th November,
1918, the Lodge held a Special Social of Celebration on the 23rd November,
1918, There is a copy of the Menu in the Lodge Guard Book, the details of
which will not be without interest :—
Peace Soup
Submarines interned
British Bulwarks Turkish Delight
and Zeppelins
Spuds a la Empire
Americaine Tartelette Colonial Cheese
Allied Salad Italian Cream
Armistice a la Francais.
During the Second World War of 1939-1915, when Lodges in some
parts of the Country were severely damaged and even destroyed by enemy
aircraft raids, the Lodges in Huddersfield were fortunate to have no
damage at all. One effect or disturbance, however, was the requisitioning
by the Military Authorities of The Masonic Premises at Kirkburton of The
Beaumont Lodge, No. 2035, and for a period from September, 1940, to the
time of writing this History, The Beaumont Lodge, by arrangement with
The Lodge of Truth Trustees, have held their Meetings at The Freemasons'
Hall, Fitzwilliam Street.
Another effect of this War was an appeal from Grand Lodge and
Provincial Grand Lodge, an appeal which was generousl y responded
to by Brethren throughout the country, to surrender their Jewels for melting
down for the national effort.
As mentioned above, Lodges in Huddersfield were fortunately free
from bomb damage, but precautions were advised for the protect ion of
Warrants of Consti tution and Mas oni c Records. In the case of The
Lodge of Truth the method adopted was to place The Warrant of
Constitution, The Declaration Books, The Lodge Minute Books and The
Instruction Class Minute Books into two lined wooden cases, which in turn
were put into a brick and concrete structure erected under the cellar
steps, to which the Author of this history has made frequent visits when
literally "delving into the archives."
It was on one of these visits, a special one made by W. Bro.
Norman Sykes of The Lodge of Truth for the purpose of unpacking the
Warrant of the Lodge, to have it photographed for one of the
illustrations to this book, that a discovery was made which was not only
disappointing, but almost heartbreaking. For, on re-opening the special
sealed container which had been made to hold the Warrant, it was found
that during its six years of protected and precautionary storage, some
kind of internal chemical action had taken place, and the Warrant (but for
the Seal) and all its wrappings were unrecognisable and irreparable, every
semblance of print or ink having vanished, and the whole fabric being
limp, rotted and decomposed: even the Seal, which it is hoped can be
preserved, was apt to fall away on being handled. The discovery was made
on Thursday, the 6th September, 1945, shortly before the Brethren of
The Lodge of Harmony, No. 275, were meeting for their monthly Lodge
Meeting, on which occas ion the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, W.
Bro. H. Clifford Smith, J.P., P.G.D., was present; at the interval between the
Ceremony and supper the Worshipful Mager of The Lodge of Truth, No.
521, along with W. Bro. N. Sykes (No. 321), and W. Bro. H. L. Simpson (No.
275), took the Assistant Provincial Grand Master to the cellar scene of
this disastrous discovery. It seemed tragic that the well- intentioned
precautionary measures should have such a sequel, and that it should have
happened on the very eve of the Centenary Festival of the Lodge. The only
course open to the Lodge was to apply for a Warrant of Confirmation.
The necessary procedure to obtain this was duly followed, the Petition
being signed at the Regular Lodge on 5th October, 1945; the Warrant of
Confirmation was issued, dated 7th November, 1945. The following is a
printed transcription of its text : -
Harewood, G. M.
&c. &c. &c. &c.
WHEREAS it appears by the Records of the Grand Lodge that a Warrant of
Constitution bearing date 3rd December, 1845, was granted to certain Brethren therein
named authorising them to open and hold a Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons at the
White Hart Inn, Huddersfield, in the County of York and which was then registered in
the Books of the Grand Lodge as No. 763 AND WHEREAS by the general alterations in
the numbers in the year 1863 it became and is now registered in the Books of Grand
Lodge as No. 521 under the Title or Denomination of
AND WHEREAS the Brethren composing the said Lodge have by their Memorial
represented to us that their Warrant has been destroyed by chemical action and they have
prayed us to grant them a Warrant of Confirmation in lieu thereof — — - NOW
KNOW YE that WE being satisfied of the reasonableness of the said request and from
the confidence reposed in the Brethren do hereby grant this Our WARRANT OF
CONFIRMATION unto our right Trusty and Well Beloved Brethren Geoffrey
Gledhill, William Austin Bates, Arthur Thornton Green, Thomas Boardman Bolton, Lewis
Schofield, James Frederick Collard Cole, Norman Sykes, and Others composing the said
Lodge authorising and empowering them and their Successors to continue to assemble
and hold a Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons at Freemasons' Hall, Fitzwilliam Street,
Huddersfield in the County of York, on the first Friday in January, February, March, April,
May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December and to make pass
and raise Free Masons according to the Ancient Custom of the Craft in all Ages and
Nations throughout the known World And further at their said Petition and of the great
trust and confidence reposed in everyone of the above named Brethren WE DO
APPOINT the said Geoffrey Gledhill to be the MASTER the said William Austin
Bates to be the SENIOR WARDEN and the said Arthur Thornton Green to be
the JUNIOR WARDEN for opening and holding the said Lodge and until such time as
another Master shall be regularly elected and installed strictly charging that every
Member who shall be elected to preside over the said Lodge and who must have
previously duly served as Warden in a Warranted Lodge shall be installed in Ancient
Form and according to the Laws of the Grand Lodge that he may thereby be fully
invested with the dignities and powers of his 0ffice AND WE DO REQUIRE you the said
Geoffrey Gledhill to take special care that all and every the said Brethren are or have
been regularly made Masons and that you and they and all other the Members of the
said Lodge do observe perform and keep the Laws Rules and Orders contained in the
BOOK OF CONSTITUTIONS and all others which may from time to time be made by our
Grand Lodge or transmitted by us or our Successors Grand Masters or by our
Deputy Grand Master for the time being AND WE DO ENJOIN you to make such By
Laws for the government of your Lodge as shall to the majority of the Members appear
proper and necessary the same not being contrary to or inconsistent with the General Laws
and Regulations of the Craft a copy whereof you are to transmit to us AND WE DO
REQUIRE you to cause all such By Laws and Regulations and also an Account of the
proceedings in your Lodge to be entered in a Book to be kept for that purpose AND you are in
nowise to omit to send to us or our Successors Grand Masters or to Our DEPUTY
GRAND MASTER for the time being at least once in every year a List of the Members
of your Lodge and the names and descriptions of all Masons initiated therein and Brethren
who shall have joined the same with the fees and moneys payable thereon IT
shall continue in force so long only as you shall conform to the Laws and
Regulations of Our Grand Lodge
GIVEN under OUR HAND and the SEAL of the GRAND LODGE at
LONDON this 7th day of November. A.L. 5945. A.D. 1945.
Sydney A. White, G.S. William H. Darrell, A. G. M. For D.G.M.
Freemasons will not easily forget that the War delivered a sad blow to
this country, to the Royal Family, to Grand Lodge and to Freemasonry,
when—on the 25th August, 1942—our beloved Grand Master—Most
Worshipful Bro. Air Commodore H.R.H. The Duke of Kent, K.G.—gave his
life for his country whilst on active service.
Throughout the length and breadth of the land there were feelings of
relief and thankfulness when the hostilities in Europe ceased. The Author had
the pleasure of being present at the Lodge at their first Meeting (1st June,
1945), after VE-day (Victory in Europe Day-8th May, 1945), and heard
the Worshipful Master make appropriate reference to the Victory in
Europe; he said that we should lift up our hearts in thanksgiving to the Great
Architect of the Universe for his goodness. He recalled the black days of 1940,
the miracle of Dunkirk and the Victory of the Royal Air Force in the crisis of the
Battle of Britain, and the many other victories which followed, when it
seemed that the Hand of Providence was guiding our destinies. He then
referred to the tasks of the future in laying the foundations for a sound and
lasting Peace, and prayed that the Grand Masonic Principles of Freedom and
Equality will dwell in the hearts of all men.
Within three months of that momentous event came the great and
glorious news of the cessation of hostilities in Asia, and the surrender of the
last of the aggressor nations, Japan, to the victorious Allies. What were known as
VJ-1 and VJ-2 days (Victory over Japan) were recognised in Great Britain on
August 15th and August 16th, 1945. Thus with grateful hearts we thank the
Great Architect of the Universe, and rejoice to find the World once more "at
peace," before our Lodge Centenary is reached. After the vicissitudes of the
past 100 years, we look forward to the future with hope and confidence. and
pray that no such Chapter as this will be necessary in our next historical record.
Side Degrees — Knights Templar — Royal Arch — Mark Masons — Daughter
Lodge Connaught 3800 - Other New Lodges in Huddersfield and District — Installed
Masters' Association.
The earliest reference to "side degree activity" in the premises was in 1857
when the Knights Templar were accepted as Tenants, viz:--The Hope Preceptory,
formed in 1793, and meeting previously in Halifax. Among the names on the Board or L
ist of this Order in the Supper Room one notices several members of The Lodge of
Truth, viz:—
Bros. J. Kirk, Reuben Williamson, Abraham Turner, W. C. Marsh, T.
Robinson, J. T. Spratt, T. Bean, J. W. Thickett, A. H. Hardisty.
The first reference to the Royal Arch Chapter was in 1865. At the February
Meeting a Resolution was passed at the Lodge
"That a Royal Arch Chapter be attached to this Lodge, to be
called "The Chapter of Truth, No. 521."
This Resolution was carried at the second attempt: in the first instance it was proposed by
a Past Master who was not a Royal Arch Mason, and some of the Brethren thought it
would be unconstitutional, so they decided to be on the safe side by having a fresh
This being a History of 100 years of the Craft Lodge, no attempt has been
made here to enlarge on the history and activities of The Royal Arch Chapter attached to
the Lodge. As in many cases, the Chapter bears the same number as the Lodge, viz.,
No. 521, and naturally one finds that many of the Members of the Chapter have been,
and are, Members of The Lodge of Truth, hut, of course, there are Members of the
Chapter from other Lodges in the Town. As much as the Author would like to see
an even closer contact and continuity as between Lodges and Chapters, and as much as
he feels that the Royal Arch Chapter is an outstandingly important part of the life of
a complete Freemason, it is considered that the History of The Truth Royal Arch
Chapter, No. 521, is really a matter supplementary to this Craft Lodge History, rather
than for embodiment herein.
The first reference in the Lodge Minutes to Mark Masonry was on the 6th
October, 1871, when it was Resolved
"That a Mark Masons Lodge be at The Lodge of Truth and that four
Meetings be held during the year."
There is a Board in the Supper Room with the names as from 1871, and
among them can be seen Members of 521 Craft Lodge, viz:
Bros. T. S. Higgins, Allen Jackson, J. W. Turner, J. F. Dyson, J. L.
Sykes, J. Pyrah.
ROSE CROIX CHAPTER (Prince of Wales No. 69).
It is not clear exactly when the Rose Croix first commenced their
Tenancy, but it was probable at or soon after its formation in 1876: the first
reference in The Lodge of Truth Minutes and Records is in June, 1878, when
there was a Minute "revising the Rent."
The Lodge of Truth was concerned directly or indirectly in the
formation of many of the Lodges subsequently formed in Huddersfield and District.
The first of these was The Holme Valley Lodge, which was originally
No. 937, and now known as No. 652, and which was consecrated in 1855.
As was the case with The Lodge of Truth, we find prominent Brethren of
The Lodge of Harmony and The Huddersfield Lodge among the Founders,
some of whom were, by this time, also Members of The Lodge of Truth. In
fact, W. Bro. William Kiiner, formerly of The Lodge of Harmony, and the
first Worshipful Master of The Lodge of Truth, was one of the Holme Valley
Lodge Founders. So also was W. Bro. Wm. Smith, of Huddersfield Lodge,
and of The Lodge of Truth—whose name is frequently mentioned in this History
as an Instructor. Others of the Founders were W. Bro. Bentley Shaw
(Harmony), who became Deputy Provincial Grand Master— and W. Bro. James
Peace (Harmony), who was for a period an Honorary Member of The Lodge of
These Brethren united to support other Masons living in the Holme
Valley Area, such as Bro. Cookson Spencer Floyd, Solicitor, Bro. Joseph
Mellor, Manufacturer, and Bro. John Burton, Schoolmaster, to start a Lodge in
that centre.
In 1874 another Lodge was founded in the Town itself— Thornhill,
No. 1514—a Lodge which, from its inception, was very closely identified with
The Lodge of Truth, especially in their activities at the Instruction Classes:
although the Thornhill Lodge is generally regarded as being a "daughter Lodge"
of The Huddersfield Lodge, No. 290.
Before the actual formation, several enthusiastic Brethren, Members
of Huddersfield Lodge mainly, and also Members of The Lodge of Truth, had
been meeting together in private houses for Masonic Instruction every
Monday evening. The Thornhill Lodge has records of the Meetings, and out of
this association of the Brethren sprung the desire for a Lodge of their own, and
the Warrant was granted in August, 1874, on the petition of the following
B. Hutchinson, P.M. Huddersfield Lodge, No. 290.
Allen Haigh Huddersfield Lodge, No. 290.
John Sykes Lodge of Probity, No. 61.
C. H. Walker Lodge of Probity, No. 61.
Jabez Brook Lodge of Harmony, No. 275.
Thomas Shaw Huddersfield Lodge, No. 290.
Ellis Netherwood Lodge of Truth, No. 521.
Rev. R. C. Wilford Lodge of Probity, No. 61.
George Horsfall Lodge of Truth, No. 521.
Crosland Hirst Huddersfield Lodge, No. 290.
G. F. Tinker Huddersfield Lodge, No. 290.
It will be observed that there were two Brethren of The Lodge of
Truth among the Founders. The Bro. G. F. Tinker, although the same
christian names as well as surname, was not the same Bro. G. F. Tinker who
was a Member of The Lodge of Truth,
At The Lodge of Truth on 5th June, 1874, thirty of the Brethren
present signed a petition supporting the application for this new Lodge.
The formation of this Lodge commenced another close Masonic
association and friendship in the Town. The Thornhill Lodge got off to "'a
flying start," as by the 1st September, 1876, we find recorded in The Lodge
of Truth Minutes that
"The seven sections of the first lecture were worked by the Brethren
of The Thornhill Lodge."
which is "good going" for a new Lodge.
It was a common occurrence about that time for expositions of ritual
to be given by Members of other Lodges in interchanges of visits : the Lodges
of Harmony, Huddersfield and later Thornhill did this frequently at The
Lodge of Truth.
In Chapter VIII the reader will observe that several of the Brethren of
Thornhill Lodge were Members of The Lodge of Truth Instruction Classes,
and the members of the Classes of the respective Lodges made frequent
reciprocatory visits to one another's Class.
On the 2nd June, 1876, a recommendation is recorded of a petition,
signed by the Brethren, to Grand Lodge to grant a Warrant for the founding
of a Masonic Lodge at Slaithwaite. The Warrant of Constitution for this
Lodge was dated :3rd October, 1876, the Founder members for which were
from the Lodges of Peace, Candour and Huddersfield.
The next Lodge to be formed in the Town was The Albert Edward
Lodge, founded on the 8th October, 1878. Though not "a daughter Lodge" of
The Lodge of Truth, Members of The Lodge of Truth played a conspicuous
part in the preliminary proceedings leading up to the formation. Many
references have already been made to the united Masonic actions by the
Lodges Harmony, Huddersfield and Truth. This is yet another example, and
these three together were responsible for the setting up of The Albert Edward
Lodge. A meeting was held at Fitzwilliam Street on the 1st May, 1878,
attended by
W. Bros. Allen Jackson, George Marshall, J. W. Turner, Joseph
Varley; Bros. John Lunn, Jimmy Firth, H. Burley, J. Graham, J.
E. Cooper (all of The Lodge of Truth, No. 521, Huddersfield); and
Bro. William Dawson, of Huddersfield Lodge, No. 290, and
Bro. T. Sellers, of The Lodge of Truth, No. 1458 (Manchester).
These Brethren decided to convene a Meeting of the Members of all the Lodges
in Huddersfield, which was duly held on 27th May, 1878, and, after suggesting
the names of "Fitzwilliam" and "Unity," the name "Albert Edward" was
decided upon, doubtless due to the fact that the recently installed Grand Master
was H.R.H. Albert Edward, Prince of Wales. The next move is gathered from a
Minute in The Lodge of Truth Minute Book, in June, 1878, when the Lodge
offered its premises "to the proposed new Lodge Albert Edward," and at the
July, 1878, Lodge Meeting it is noted that
"The Petition for the new Albert Edward Lodge was recommended and
The Founders included nine Members of The Lodge of Truth, three Members of
Huddersfield Lodge, one Member of The Lodge of Harmony, and one
member of Colne Valley Lodge, as follows :-
W. Bro. T. Ruddoch Harmony (No. 275)
Allen Jackson Truth (No. 521)
George Syk es Huddersfield (No. 290)
George Marshall Truth (No. 521)
J . W . Tu r n er Truth (No. 521)
Bro. William Fitton Huddersfield (No. 290)
Geo. Gardiner Truth (No. 521)
G. H. O Donkersley Colne Valley (No. 1645)
J. Lunn Truth (No. 521)
Jimmy Firth Truth (No. 521)
B. S. Stewart Truth (No. 521)
Henry Shaw Truth (No. 521)
H. Burley Truth (No. 521)
William Dawson Huddersfield (No. 290)
W. Bro. T. Ruddock (of No. 273) was the first Worshipful Master
Installed by W. Bro. W. G. Dyson, a Past Master of The Lodge of Truth,
two Lodge of Truth Members, viz., W. Bros. A. Jackson and G. Sykes,
becoming the first Wardens, and another Lodge of Truth Member, W. Bro.
Geo. Marshall, the first Treasurer.
The Albert Edward Lodge was a Tenant Lodge at the Fitzwilliam
Street Premises for many years (except for a break, 1881 to 1883, when it met
at The Queen Hotel), until it removed to its own premises at Greenhead Road in
The above Lodge was founded at Kirkburton, on the outskirts of
Huddersfield, on 15th February, 1881. The Lodge of Truth gave their support in
obtaining the sanction of Grand Lodge, as per resolution passed on 4th January,
.A cordial invitation was extended to the Lodge of Truth for their
Members to attend the laying of the corner stone of their Masonic Hall at
Kirkburton, which took place on Saturday, 8th September, 1888.
It would appear that one of the methods of raising money for their
Building Fund by Beaumont Lodge was to hold a Bazaar in the Fitzwilliam Street
premises, as the Minutes of 6th November, 1891, disclose the payment of a
cheque to the Lodge of Truth for 5 5s., "being 3 3s. for Rent of Masonic
Rooms for Bazaar recently held," and an addition of 2 2s. to The Lodge of
Truth Funds, for the generous manner in which the Beaumont Lodge had been
The Author wonders whether the Brethren of Beaumont Lodge are aware
of a very interesting link with The Lodge of Truth. The five-pointed star
(Pentalpha) which adorns the ceiling of their Lodge Room at Kirkburton was
originally in the Masonic room of The Lodge of Truth at The Rose and
Crown Inn in Huddersfield (1851 to 1855): when the Rose and Crown Inn was
demolished as part of the street improvement scheme the Pentalpha referred to
was saved from the demolition, and was eventually transferred to Beaumont
Lodge for use in their premises.
During the Second World War, 1939-1945, the Beaumont Lodge
has been holding its meetings at Fitzwilliam Street, owing to its own premises
at Kirkburton being requisitioned and used by the Military Authorities.
This being a Daughter Lodge of The Lodge of Truth a fuller account of
its formation is given below.
By the courtesy extended to the Author by the Connaught Lodge in
allowing him to make extracts from their first Lodge Committee Minute Book
it is possible to include n this History a precis of the proceedings leading up to
the formation of The Connaught Lodge, No. 3800, which was consecrated on
the 28th September, 1917, and which held its first Regular Lodge Meeting on
the 26th October, 1917.
In the early part of 1917 the idea of forming a new Lodge was in the
minds of several Brethren, and a deputation consisting of W. Bro. C. F. Arnold,
P.P.G.D.C., Bro. G. F. Tinker and Bro. Geo. B. Hallas, all Members of The
Lodge of Truth, No. 321, waited on their Worshipful Master, Bro. R. Perkins,
with proposals to forward a Petition for a new Lodge, and asked the
Worshipful Master to bring the matter before the Lodge. The Worshipful
Master summoned a Meeting of his Lodge Committee, attended by the
Worshipful Master, nine Past Masters, two Wardens and Secretary, who
decided in a unanimous resolution to support the proposal : the Lodge Committee
received a deputation of five of the Promotors :-
W . B r o . J . E . S y k e s T h o r n h i l l ( N o . 1 5 1 4 )
B r o . A . S . C o c k r o f t A r m i t a g e ( N o . 2 2 6 1 )
Bro. G. F. Tinker, G. B. Hallas and A. E. Hill, all of Truth
(No. 321).
to hear their views. A Meeting of the Promotors followed on 30th May, 1917,
to sign the Founders' Petition, which was presented to The Lodge of Truth in
open Lodge on Friday, 1st June, 1917, and, on a unanimous Resolution of the
Brethren present, proposed by the Worshipful Master, Bro. R. Perkins, and
seconded by W. Bro. Allen Jackson, the Petition was signed on behalf of The
Lodge of Truth by the Worshipful Master and Wardens.
The following is a List of the FOUNDERS :-
Sir William Pick Raynor, P.G.D. (Eng.), Deputy Provincial
Grand Master (No. 290) (and No.
William Henry Jessop, P.P.G.W. (Mayor of Huddersfield)
P.M. of (No. 521)
Charles Frederick Arnold, P.P.G.D.C. P.M. of (No. 521)
John William Mallinson, P.P.G.D.C. P.M. of (No. 521)
George Frederick Tinker, S.D. of (No. 521)
George Boothroyd Hallas, J.D. of (No. 521)
Gladstone Battye, Organist of (No.
John William Shaw, I.G. of (No. 521)
Herbert Hadfield Hill, M.M. of (No. 521)
Albert Ernest Hill M.M. of (No. 521)
William Percival Peace, M.M. of (No. 521)
John. Edward Sykes, P.M. of (No. 1514)
Ernest Henry Holly Wade, P.M. of (No. 1514)
John Hallas, J.W. of (No. 1 783)
Peter Hastings, S.D. of (No. 1783)
Arthur Sam Cockroft, S.D. of (No. 2261)
A series of ten Founders' Meetings took place in the months of May to
September, 1917, at which the preliminary essential matters were settled,
amongst which were the following :-
W.M. W. Bro. C. F. Arnold (No. 521)
I.P.M. W. Bro. J. E. Sykes (No. 1514)
S.W. Bro. G. B. Hallas (No. 521)
J.W. Bro. A. S. Cockroft (No. 2261)
Chaplain W. Bro. Sir William P. Raynor, D.P.G.IVI.
(No. 290)
Deputy Chaplain W. Bro. J. W. Mallinson 521)
Supt. of Works W. Bro. W. H. Jessop (No. 521)
Treasurer Bro. John Hallas (No. 1783)
Charity Steward W. Bro. E. H. H. Wade (No. 1514)
D.C. Bro. Peter Hastings (No. 1783)
Secretary Bro. J. W. Shaw (No. 521)
Organist Bro. Gladstone Battye (No. 521)
Registrar Bro. G. F. Tinker (No. 521)
S.D. Bro. Oliver Dyson (No. 521), not a founder
J.D. Bro. H. H. Hill (No. 521)
I.G. Bro. A. E. Hill (No. 521)
Tyler Bro. W. P. Peace (No. 521)
"A long discussion took place with regard to the name of the Lodge,
several names being suggested and ultimately it was decided to name the
Lodge 'THE CONNAUGHT LODGE." (4.6.17)
Lodge Meeting on fourth Friday and Instruction Class on Monday at
The Freemasons' Hall, Fitzwilliam Street, Huddersfield, and Tenancy
Agreement agreed with The Lodge of Truth Trustees.
Standard Working adopted (10.7.17) as prepared by Sub-
Committee comprising Bros. Arnold, Wade, Hallas, Cockroft and Hastings,
and copy be kept in the safe for reference.
The Brethren frequenting the Premises cannot fail to have noticed the
handsome Past Masters' Boards and framed Lists of all the Tenant Lodges. In
The Lodge of Truth Minutes of 4th October, 1918, there is mention of a
request by R. W. Bro. Sir William P. Raynor for the Worshipful Master and
Brethren of The Lodge of Truth to sanction the placing in the Supper Room of
a Past Masters' Board which he had recently presented to Connaught Lodge,
although strictly speaking this would be a Trustees' matter rather than a Lodge
of Truth matter, the Minutes say that the sanction was granted.
It is interesting to put on record that the following Lodge of Truth
Members, who were among the Founders of Connaught Lodge, became
Masters of The Connaught Lodge :-
Bro. C. F. Arnold 1917 (W.M. of No. 521 in 1900)
G.B. Hallas 1918 and 1926
J. W. Shaw 1920 (W.M. of No. 521 in 1932)
H.H Hill 1922
A. E. Hill 1923
W. P. Peace 1924
so that W. Bro. C. F. Arnold and W. Bro. J. W. Shaw were each Worshipful
Master of their Mother Lodge and the Daughter Lodge.
There were other Lodges formed besides those referred to above, but
which are not mentioned in detail, as there was no particular connection with
The Lodge of Truth, viz.:
Armitage, No. 2261, Milnsbridge (daughter Lodge of Thornhill, No. 1514
(founded 1888).
Brooke, No. 3608, Honley, founded 1912.
Unity, No. 3930, Huddersfield (daughter Lodge of Huddersfield, No. 290),
founded 1919.
(Bro. J. A. Woolven (No. 521) was one of the Founders of Unity
Cambodunum, No. 3953, Huddersfield (daughter Lodge of Thornhill No.
1514), founded 1919.
Salarden, No. 3971, Milnsbridge (daughter Lodge of Armitage Lodge, No.
2261), founded 1919.
and, lastly, The Concord Lodge, No. 4126, which was consecrated on 15th
September, 1920, all the twenty Founders being from Albert Edward Lodge,
No. 1783, and as The Albert Edward Lodge was at that time a Tenant Lodge in
the Truth Premises, The Concord Lodge also became one of the Tenant
Lodges, and has continued so up to the present time.
The Author is the Secretary of the above Association, comprising
eighteen Lodges in the Town and District (of which The Lodge of Truth is one),
and feels that the History of a Lodge in Huddersfield would not be complete
without some reference to the part it has played in connection with the work of
such an Association, especially as one of the Members of this Lodge, W. Bro.
T. Bean, was one of the "Founders," an initial Vice-President, and one of the
early Presidents.
The Association was formed in 1920 at the request of the Provincial
Grand Master, R. W. Bro. Sir William P. Raynor, Kt., P.G.D., and W. Bro. T.
Bean (No. 521), along with W. Bro. F. C. Watkinon (of No. 290 and No. 3930)
and W. Bro. C Wheawill (No. 1514), were asked to co-operate to form the
At an informal Meeting at The Queen Hotel, Huddersfield, on Saturday,
6th November, 1920, eleven prominent Freemasons in the Town met to formulate
the Scheme, including :-
W. Bro. T. Bean, of The Lodge of Truth, No. 521,
W. Bro. G. B. Hallas, of The Lodge of Truth, No. 521, and Connaught
Lodge, No. 3800,
and the Association was formed at a well-attended and representative Meeting at
South Parade on the 11th December, 1920.
W. Bro. Bean was one of a Committee of five formed to draft the Rules.
The objects of the Association were defined as follows :-
To provide a means for a joint discussion by the Installed Masters of
matters of interest to the Craft, and for presenting the results of their
deliberations to the Lodges.
To provide machinery for convening the Members of the Huddersfield
and District Lodges for the consideration of important subjects, and in
cases of emergency, to agree upon combined action, and notify the
same to the Freemasons of the Town and District.
To attract and interest Brethren by means of Papers and Lectures
upon the History, Antiquities and Symbols of the Craft.
The Meetings are held half yearly, often in The Lodge of Truth
Premises, Fitzwilliam Street, and sometimes at The Masonic Hall, Greenhead
The administration is in the hands of an Executive Committee, comprising the
President (who holds office for one year), three Vice- Presidents leading up to the
Presidency, Treasurer and Secretary, and one Representative from each of the
eighteen Lodges, and the Past Presidents.
The following chart shows the details of the representation on the
Committee, Presidents, etc., of the Truth Members :-
W. Bro. T. Bean Vice-President 1921-1922, President 1923.
W. Bro. J. Mosley Representative 1921-1922.
W. Bro. C. F. Arnold Representative 1921 Vice-President 1923-
(also representing Connaught 3800) 1925—President 1926.
W. Bro. G. B. Hallas Representative 1924—Vice-President 1927-
(also representing Connaught 3800) 1929 President 1930.
W. Bro. J. L. Sykes Representative 1926-1928.
W. Bro. J. T. Spratt do. 1928-1930.
W. Bro. W. Brook do. 1930-1934—died 31 Jan. 1934.
W. Bro. G. F. Tinker do. 1934-1936—died 18 June,1936.
W. Bro. G. Graham do. 1936-1939—died 6 Mar., 1939.
W. Bro. J. S. Ward do. 1939 to 1945.
and to the above list should be added the name of W. Bro. Herman
Hinchliff, who--though now a Member of The Wharncliffe Lodge, No. 1162
was formerly a Member of The Lodge of Truth. He was Initiated into The
Lodge of Truth in 1904, so now has over 40 years' Masonic membership to his
credit, and in the year 1943, at the age of 83, he was a genial and popular
President of the Association.
The Lodge of Truth has taken its part, along with the other Lodges in
the Association, in several United Lodges held under the auspices of the
Association, of which the following are brief details : -
15th November, 1926. United Lodge in the Town Hall to welcome the
Provincial Grand Master, R.W. Bro. The Viscount
Lascelles, K.G.
At the reception preceding the Meeting, W. Bro.
Tom Bean was one of the presenting Officers, and
W. Bro. C. F. Arnold was one of the speakers at the
Lodge supporting the address of welcome.
30th October, 1934. United Lodge at Fitzwilliam Street. 1 Tracing
Board worked, Bro. H. Goulden of The Lodge
of Truth being one of the responders.
12th February, 1935. United Lodge at Greenhead Road. 2
worked. Bro. John Sugden of No. 521 was one of
those taking part, and W. Bro. G. F. Tinker acted
as D.C.
20th March, 1935. United Instruction Class at Greenhead Road.
W. Bro. Tinker again acting as D.C. and Bro. G.
Gledhill (W.M. in 1944-45) did part of the work.
26t h M a y, 1936. U ni t ed Lod ge at Upp erm i l l (C andou r, N o.
337). 1
Tracing Board worked, and Bro. H.
Goulden was one of the responders.
Having found, in the course of preparing the History of the Lodge, that
several Members of The Lodge of Truth had held the high and important
office of Mayor of the Borough, the Author has prepared a Roll of all the
Mayors of Huddersfield since it received its Charter in 1868, collating the
information, which he has obtained from the various Lodges in the Town and
District, concerning the Masonic connection of those Mayors of the Borough
who have been Members of the Craft. The Roll is included herein as a fitting
close to this Chapter concerning the Lodges in general as well as The Lodge of
Truth in particular.
The real traditions and history of the Lodge are not so much in
the special items, which have been enumerated and elaborated in the
foregoing Chapters of this History, but more in the ordinary month-tomonth
Minutes, in the ordinary recurring records of 100 occasions when
Brother So-and-So was Installed into the chair of King Solomon
according to ancient custom, the 534 Initiations, the 1068 entries of Bro.
A.B. answering the Test Questions and being Passed, and Raised.
Those whether speciall y mentioned in the preceding pages or not—are
the Brethren who have made the history of the Lodge. The leaves of the
Declaration Books can be turned over, like turning over the pages of a
family photograph album,. and there one can see portrayed the many
great men, men it was a pride and a pleasure to know, men of civic deeds
and high reputation, and it can be summed up in the words of that wellknown
verse :--
"The lives of great men all remind us We
can make our lives sublime And,
departing, leave behind us Footprints on
the sands of time."
Their lesson to us is that we, like they, must live respected so that
we may die regretted: we, like they, at our Initiation, were brought
from "darkness to light": we, like they, can see in our Freemasonry a Great
Light, especially in this world of to-day, emerging from the darkness of
war; we can see the Lodge as a "Great Light" in the Masonic World, a
blazing torch for us to carry forward through the days and years to come :
and as the Master's "light" is never extinguished, so may the torch of The
Lodge of Truth be carried high, as a radiant symbol for Freemasonry, from
generation to generation.