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Information for Genealogists

Masonic Lodges are often approached from people who are researching their family trees. We are always delighted to hear from such people and help them as best we can, as it also helps us reveal the living history of our own Lodge. The recording of masonic membership tends to be for present members only, as an organisation we tend to be more interested in the contemporary rather than historical information relating to membership.

Uniquely at the Lodge of Connaught & Truth we have compiled a database of every member of the Lodge who has ever joined. This means that we will be able to confirm quite quickly whether your relation was indeed a member of the Lodge, when he was initiated and (if appropriate) when he went through the Chair.

Please provide details of full name and date of birth and we will see what we can turn up for you.

For further reference Pat Lewis from the Society of Genealogists has written a booklet called My Ancestor Was a Freemason and gives an excellent explanation of researching family members who were Masons. It is modestely priced and available from:

Society of Genealogists
14 Charterhouse Buildings
Goswell Road
London EC1M 7BA
ISBN 1 85951 405 7